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Affiliate Marketing
The # 1 Guide to a Lucrative Business.

What is affiliate Marketing?

Some people don’t know.
It Is a type of performance- based marketing in witch a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliates own marketing efforts.
In other words , let me say you go to a website and at the bottom of the website there is a link type that says affiliate, you click on that and sign up to be an affiliate and then you would sell there products for a percentage and those percentages will ad up to a very large amount of money.

If you would want to sell there products , then you would need a website to build, inserting there products on your site, witch you will be shown how to build a website through wealthy affiliate.
Once your website has been built , you then start advertising your website and there products to sell.
And you just keep building and advertising and you will eventually will gain googles trust and then you would start making lots of Money.

It does take time but if you hate your JOB, as much as I did then you would do what ever it takes to make money online.
You would be able to retire at a young age or if you are already at retirement age and don’t have any money saved up for your retirement , then I would suggest that you take up affiliate marketing.
Now you are wondering where do I advertise or where do I get traffic to my website? Those are good questions and get asked a lot if your starting out.
There Is paid traffic and there Is Free traffic.
I use both just to see witch ones are converting well.
Your probably wondering , How do you know which ones are converting?
You sign up for google analytics, follow all there instructions and you will be able to see all your websites that are getting traffic. Then you will be able to see which ones are converting as well, also you will be able to see what keywords are being used most.
And they also show you what the age group of people are interested in an online business.
That is a pretty cool tool, and that is Free also. – Your Free Traffic Exchange – 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!

Free , Fun to use, and tons of traffic to your website.

Here is another place I love to get traffic from:

Sales Spider has been around for years and is a very large network do business on.
You can also become a premium member, depends on how fast you want your business to mature.
I use the free member version, I think that works just as good.

  Social Media


Social Media is one of the most Largest ways to Market your website.
It is a Powerful method and is used by millions daily.
SEO {Search Engine Optimization} such as google-Bing-Yahoo- They have been around for many years and they are still very powerful today as they where back in the day.
When you get ranked with search engines with your website- a post or page. And you have the right keywords, then you will able to reach your target audience, for what ever your providing.

let me explain a little more: lets say you have a website and your promoting something like a cat toy and it gets searched 100 times a month
and there isn’t much competition from other websites, Then this means that your keywords you used in your website gets ranked higher then your competitor. Sounds pretty cool. When your cat toy that your promoting gets clicked on and someone purchases that toy , You will get paid a percentage and the owner will get the other percentage.

There are thousands of owners that have affiliate sites, you would just have to pick one your interested in, and then you can build your own website, and start your affiliate Marketing Business.

If this is something your not interested in then affiliate marketing isn’t for you.
But If you are looking for a different kind of income and tired of your current job, Then I would suggest you click here
You will be completely amazed at what’s inside for you.

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