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creating content

Keywords. They are the basis for rankings.

I know we have discussed how a keyword theme should be the premise of all of your content, but it is one thing to get ranked under keywords within search, it is another thing to get people to actually read your content.

There are strategies that you can implement as you are creating your content to boost your rankings and increase the overall breadth of keyword exposure you get within the search engines. That is, it is possible to get ranked under MANY keywords with one page/post.

First off though I want to explain one thing. People don’t like to read content that presents itself as “inundating” or confusing to the eyes.

There are a few things you can do to ensure the highest rate of readership. Remember, your goal is to get people to read your content not just because of the quality of the content itself, but it has to be laid out in a way and formatted in a way so they will actually read it.

Here are 5 ways that you can improve READABILITY of your website content.

(1) Use smaller paragraphs. It can be very difficult to read large blocks of content, in particular with the fact that we are living in a 140 character world and socially, we typically use very short paragraphs when we are communicating.

White space within your content (smaller paragraphs) will lead to much better readability and more people will read your content as a result.


(2) Use appropriate font sizes and colors. You ideally want to keep your normal font sizes on your website that are by default, don’t get into a habit of using random font sizes and colors everywhere. It will take away from your readability and your content will end up looking more like a circus than anything.

White background with black text has over and over again proven to convert the best and lead to the highest readership rates. I highly recommend that you consider using a theme with a white background and either a really dark grey text or black. You will notice a difference.


(3) Using visuals within your content. We are visual creatures by nature…really, we grew up reading picture books from an early age. That doesn’t leave us as we get older as we find it much easier to relate to content if there is associated imagery.

You should have associated images that reflect what you are talking about, or in other words, SHOW don’t just tell.

This will lead to more engagement, a higher reader rate, and as a result, more conversions.


(4) Using headlines to prelude content. It is important that you break up your content and foreshadow what is coming up through the use of headlines. You can do this by using H3 (Heading 3) tags within your content. It will make your content much more readable.

Here is an example of what I mean:

picture example

As you scroll down, you will see headlines that break apart my content and foreshadow to my audience what I am going to talk about.

Ex. And For the Love of Fruit…Don’t Drink it Out of a Box.

This is highly effective and will lead to much more readership of your content.


(5) Writing in an easy to understand way. One of the biggest mistakes people make when building out their content is trying to make it sound like an English essay. As a result (and very appropriately), it will lead to your audiences eyes glossing over and a very lower readership rate.


Because of this I always suggest conveying your ideas, opinions and themes to people in a way that is communicative. The same as you would discuss something with a friend, discuss with your online audiences. This sort of “from the hip” type communication will lead to far more trust, far more dialogue (comments), and ultimately more people reading your content.


The more you become accustomed to creating content in this fashion, the more natural it will become. It won’t be long before creating readable and highly engaging content becomes second nature.
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  1. Viagracheap

    A theme I have repeated many times is that newspapers are changing because their business models are changing. Before the internet; most newspapers in the US were local monopolies / duopoly on news in a text format. Newspapers monetized their monopoly via advertising. The profit incentive was for newspapers to get as many eyes reading; being impartial helped as it was more important to get a breadth of readers then having devoted fans. Now newspapers live in a nationalized environment with a high amount of competition. Facebook / Google / Amazon dominate the advertising market so monetization is via subscriptions. The changed incentives mean a large readership is not as valuable as a devoted readership willing to pay. Devoted readership could be because its the only source of specialized information (Wall Street Journal and financial news), or devoted because of its partisan lean, etc. I would note that due to the small geographic size of the UK, they reached a nationalized newspaper business environment decades ago. i.e. how many people realize the Guardian was originally the Manchester Guardian.

    • Barb Bunton

      That’s what creating content is all about, writing about something and get as many eyes on what you write.
      It is like writing a newspaper and keeping your fans reading your content.


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