Hate Your Job



i hate my job

So You hate your JOB {Just One Broke} That’s what I always call it.
Why do you hate your job? Is it your co workers? The stupid rules? Gossip about you and don’t know how they got started.
Don’t get paid enough for what you do? never get a raise?
What ever the reason is, There is a away you can quit and find something else that will make you happy.
You keep saying there’s got to be something better out there.
Here are some things you can do to make yourself feel better.
1–  Take control of your life, don’t let anybody tell you what to do, Be Brave

2-Always write down what it is you want, then read it out loud to yourself twice a day

3-Read books that will help you re program your mind, I will leave you some books that has helped

me succeed in my new career.

4-I know this is hard to do but stay away from all the negativity

5-If you take action it will get done

6 Just be happy, tell yourself if your looking for a online career, that if they can do it, You say, I can do it better.

Ok Here are the books that I have read and thought I would share them with you.

I do read a lot, if you don’t have the time, try and find the time its worth it.

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  1. Randy

    Yep, I’m a certified job hater!! I recently started a blog for myself and can’t agree with you more how freeing it is and fulfilling to know that you are your own boss, using a proven method to make money. And yes Wealthy Affiliate is totally the way to go. Congrats to you Barb!!

  2. Jess

    Well spoken Mr Washington, spot in as far as I can say and data backs it up. The family unit is critical for developing children. In today”s society the family unit is under siege by every minority group of people out there! Dysfunctonal families are the norm, hate and anger towards ones siblings and parents is common place, liberals push for same sex relationships, divorce rates are skyrocketing! The world seems set against the family unit and u know what? Never in the history of the planet has there been so much hate and violence! Hate between races, sexes, nations and the list goes on!!! Where has the love gone?! I think it has gone the way of the traditional family, split up and sent packing because too many people are too sensitive and can”t get over themselves! Mothers and fathers are both important and should both raise the kids! Gratuitous sex between teens needs to be curbed so they stop having babies at 14 yrs old! Welfare babies need to end! Men need to stand up strong as we once did and take care of our children and the mothers need to let that happen!


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