How long should a blog post be?




                      How long should your blog post be?

This question gets asked so many times, so I will try and explain on how your words or content means for SEO.
Your blog post should be as long as they need to be to serve its purpose.

A blog post that serves 200 words or 1000 words, Both perform well.
As long as the words serve the purpose of what your writing about.

        Do Not be scared of a short post or a long post.

If you are new to blogging and the word count stresses you out and you are stuck on what to write about, Don’t be, I see a lot of blogs that don’t have 500 word counts and they still get ranked in SEO.
It all depends what your writing about.
Although I would try and at least make your content up to 200 or more words.
If you get stuck on the subject your writing about, Go to other blogs on the topic your writing about and get some sort of an idea to keep writing.

When you get readers to your blog, the average time for them to stay reading is about 1 to 2 minutes. or it also depends if what your writing about is good content.

So you are wondering , How do you know how many words do you have, Well you can’t count them by just looking at it, you have a word count in your back office of your website, It will tell you how many words you have.

When it comes for the great SEO, and you want your words or content to get ranked then when your writing about your topic make sure you have good keywords in your post, that’s another thing SEO looks at.
              You still don’t understand, how this works?

I do a little mixing around, I test my post to see how they get ranked. {Witch you will be taught how to test in the training at wealthy affiliate}

I will write a 250 word content, and then I will write a 500 word content, and they still get ranked in SEO.
So the question above this content, How many words does it take for a blog, is all up to you and your subject.
             Do you want readers or do you want comments?
Personally I want both.
Another way to look at this, If you are writing about fishing, or camping, and you can only come up with 200 or 250 words on that topic, Your done stop writing. You will still get ranked in SEO, but if you want to get ranked higher and be on the first page of your search then you will want to write more on that subject. Like I said If you get stuck on your words, go to your search and look your topic up and get some sort of an idea to keep writing.
There you have it, This post turned out to be 500 words


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