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Hello, My name is Barb , and I am a victim of being scammed online.
Here is my story:

When I was searching for ways to making a living online, working from home, I never did my due diligence,
Boy did I learn my lesson.
Back in 2009, I had lost my current job and I needed some kind of income coming in to pay my bills, and of course food.


So I found a online {so I thought} business and they promised me full training, no extra fees, and
guarantee me that I would be making $500 a week or more.
and that they offered me referral bonuses and that it was so easy my grandmother could do it.

You know I was pulled in by there words of advertisement.
All they did was suck the cash right out of me.
That was a scam, and I lost a lot of money.
I was scammed about 3 times


I was only collecting unemployment at the time, and in 2013 when my unemployment was done, I then went back to punching a time clock. I hated doing that but it had to be done. Then I had given up on trying to find a business online, They got rich and I was more broke then ever.
I was working at a Holiday Inn Express as a housekeeper, a JOB that is the most under paid job in the world.


As My husband and I got all our bills caught up and I did some side work also, I just got tired of it, I wanted something more, I wanted to get back online and do some searching for online businesses, something that paid well and wasn’t a scam.

So I done research after research, I also watched a lot of you tube videos.
 I don’t know how I found this but I did.
It is a program called wealthy affiliate

I did a lot of research before I joined because I didn’t want to be scammed again.
But anyways, I was so scared but I took a leap of faith and joined anyways.
I wasn’t charged anything upon sign up and I was a free member.
I first read a lot of success stories when I signed up. I then started my training.

Man If I could of only found this program when I lost my job, I would be well set right now.


I was being taught how to find a niche and how to build my own website.
Its like I was in college, Learning new things Again.

I was so excited that I finally found something that works. There were no hidden fees on anything.


You probably want to know how do you know if its a scam or not.
The old saying is if its to good to be true then its not true.
I read the reviews of the product first and if I find good reviews ,lets say about 100 good views out of 5 bad ones then its not a scam.

you have to be careful of the scams that post there own reviews,  they make it look good for them.
How can you tell if they write there own reviews is hard to tell,    if you read some of there reviews they almost never have any bad reports and it sounds the same, and they post fake names on there reviews.

So that’s another research you have to do.

The scammers also do videos because they are money hungry.
I watch how people do videos, on you tube per say, They like to make it sound so good to make a sell, You have to watch the eyes and try to see body movement, and try and see there back ground of the video.


Also if they want money upfront before you even start ,there will be a bunch of loop holes. You will keep paying your hard earned money to get to the next page after page.

I am staying right where I’m at, my search is over.


I just wanted to let you know if your searching for a online business be very careful, The internet is full of scammers
and they will not think twice about taking your hard earned money.


And there will be no way on getting your money back, There wont be any guarantee and no phone number to reach anybody.
If you find one with a phone number , test the number out be sure its not a fake number.


Well that’s about it, If you decide to join me at Wealthy Affiliate, You wont regret it one bit. In fact you will be so thankful and wish you would of found it a long time ago like I did.


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