Online Marketing Goals




Playing The Game

Before you assemble all your tools, ask yourself is your head in the game?

You have to be prepared for a lot of hard work, witch will pay off BIG.

You will start small and then next thing you know you have snowballed the game.

The right people will come in time, but first you have to lay your foundation.

Then think about Marketing not as spending but investing. Make sure your investments count.

Online marketing is a brilliant place to invest.

It is a low or no cost to you, and lives forever, but when you stop investing your business will die.


Your investment could pay off for years to come and pay you a great amount of Money. You have to set your goals and have the {Desire} to want to work online.

                        Is This a Game?

Online marketing is a game, If you play the game right you will win ever time.


You have to set goals, have a strategy, have a product. And Think BIG.

Online Marketing is like playing Chess, you want to be the King, and you will want to do what ever it takes to guard the King, The King has everything, He has the power to Win the Game every time.

The King had a plan , he wanted the world to know he was King.

First he Built himself a website, set it up for his audience, told his great stories why he was King.


Then The King wanted to deliver his stories to the world, {He had a Plan} .

After the King got his message out, People started to read his stories, They were intrigued by his stories, So the King kept writing and writing, This was his {Goal}.

More and More people stopped by and read more of his stories. He thought WOW, My goals and my plans are working.

With the Kings dedication and commitment He became the most famous and the most richest King in the world, All because he had a Plan and he had goals.

After 2 years went by, The king never stopped writing his stories. The stories made him famous, He sold over 5 million books and never quit.

Yes he had a queen, and she was by his side guarding him from his components, {competition}

The moral of this story is The King never gave up he kept writing , had a Plan, had goals and told his audience who he was.

The King never had very much Money when he wanted to play the game, He started with about $20.00 dollars  to invest, But he believed in himself and when he started playing the game, he became good at it.


He learned how to write stories that people where interested in, He Then took {Action} and kept building his audience.

The Queen was by his side making sure he wouldn’t loose hope, The Knights were guarding him as well and the horses were saddled up ready for the long ride.

The King struggled a little at first and believe it or not he was scared that he wouldn’t make it.

The King over come his Fear, He had everyone by his side, The Queen, The Knights, The Bishops, They all believed in him.

The King became # 1 in the game, Nobody could beet him, not even his components.

He became Rich and Famous all because he took a small investment and turned it into Millions.

He had Goals, Plans, a Strategy.

And Now It’s Your turn to become Rich and Famous!!!!

                       What’s Your Story ?


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