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Article marketing is a powerful way to promote WA because it gives you the ability to get FREE listings in the top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. These listing will drive free, highly relevant traffic to your article where you can then drive people to your website (where you promote WA) and earn regular WA referrals.

Promoting WA using article marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques is a perfect way to utilize your new marketing skills to build a recurring income stream.

We have many resources here at Wealthy Affiliate that focus on teaching article marketing and SEO techniques, but this resource is fine-tuned to help you become a WA Super affiliate and to ultimately earn you an invitation to our private Las Vegas conference that occurs in February each year.

Along with the tens of thousands of dollars you’ll earn from referring others to the Wealthy Affiliate community, we (Kyle& Carson) meet with you personally and will help you double or triple your business in the corresponding year. It is a win/win for everyone! Full details of the Las Vegas Incentive program are within the Getting Started training.

So, let’s get started.

Why use Article Marketing for Promoting Wealthy Affiliate?

Over the years, we’ve built the WA community so that members can promote it from many different angles. There are millions (YES, MILLIONS) of low-competition keywords that people are searching for everyday that could be used to promote Wealthy Affiliate. You will take advantage of these as an article marketer.

Article marketing will allow you to target these keywords and attract visitors to read your articles. The fact that Wealthy Affiliate offers such a wide array of systems, tools, and resources makes it perfect for article marketing.

It is also a great way to get your feet wet with Internet marketing in general. It doesn’t cost you a penny to implement, plus the research that you do to find low-competition keywords and hungry audiences can be applied to many different industries and products online.

High-Level overview of marketing Wealthy Affiliate by writing articles

Learning a new technique is easier if you get to see a high-level overview of what is involved before you get started with your lessons. Below are the steps that you will be learning about.

  1. Researching an audience who could benefit from joining Wealthy Affiliate  
  2. Choosing low competition keywords that connect you with the audience
  3. Writing an article that is optimized for the Search Engines and Visitors
  4. Submitting your article to an article directory
  5. Repeating the process

These 5 steps give you an overview of what you will be learning throughout this WA Super Affiliate article marketing course.

                                    Free Traffic & WA Sales

Article marketing provides all marketers an opportunity to generate a ton of free traffic from the major search engines. This free traffic will then drive people to your website, where you can then promote WA and earn commissions.

Here is a scenario that will help put the power of Article marketing into perspective for you:

Let’s assume you are able to write 5 articles every week, and once these articles get listed in the search engines (using the techniques we teach you) they receive 5 clicks each per day on average. That works out to 25 free clicks a day after just one week. Consider if you do this for 1 month, that means you will have 20 articles pulling in 100 free clicks a day.

If you were doing pay-per-click with MSN Adcenter or Google Adwords, this same targeted traffic would likely cost you at least $50-$75!

If you can get 65% of your visitors to click through on your WA Affiliate link, you will be getting about 65 affiliate click-throughs per day. Many members at WA convert clicks into subscribers at a rate of far better than 1:65 (average conversions are 1:35-40). You can see that writing 5 articles a week for 1 month could potentially earn you 1 WA referral a day, or $675 (for the Gold membership) in your very first month.

Average memberships are 5 months, meaning that for your monthly efforts you would have generated 5 x $600, or $3000 once you have received all your residual commissions. This is more than possible!

If you schedule this into your Internet marketing endeavors in an ongoing basis, the potential to earn tens of thousands of dollars per month is very clear!

Later in this course we will help you setup a customized schedule that will enable you to achieve this kind of success!

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