Reasons why People Fail at an Online Business




                                 Why People Fail at an Online Business
There are several reasons why, Could this be you or can you beat the system and succeed as an online entrepreneur.
1- Lack of ambition/ your getting board at what your doing online.

2- It doesn’t interest you anymore, or your not making money right away.
If you want to start a online Business you have to be committed for the long term, you can’t be half hearted about it.

3-  95% of people fail and only 5% make it
this is a known fact.
In order to beat this system you have to follow all the instructions watch all the training you are provided.
You will not make any money if you don’t take action.
4-   Your ready to quit if you don’t make any Money in 6 months,
This happens to thousands of people, If they don’t make any money in at least 6 months or less they drop out and try to find something else. What you don’t know is it will take just as long for any other online business. 6 months is just a start for any business, it will usually take up to 9 to 12 months, That’s because google has to earn your trust and make sure you are not a scam.

5- Fear of Failure
Your afraid you will not make it and that you will fail.
You have to set a Goal and you have to stick with it, Write down your goal and read it out loud twice a day, everyday.
And you Fear of failure will go away.

6-  It is easy to start a online business now a days, Most online Businesses will give you a chance to start for free or very little money to start.
Domains are cheaper and hosting are at a low cost as well, and there is word press , that is where you can start a website for free.
All you have to do on your part to keep from failing is update your content everyday. and ad new content as often as you can.

7-Your competitors, If you have the same niche as someone else, you will have to keep above your competitor, a good online business should provide you with this kind of training and or videos, so you will be taught how to beet your competitor.
This will also help you from failing.

8-  You have no business Plan or your in the online business for the wrong reasons.
You are looking to get rich the fast way and you run into a scam that says you will make over $10.000 in 1 month or you will make $ 500 a week. those are scams.
Do not even think you can make that kind of money that fast. it just isn’t possible.

9-   Little or no Knowledge,
Your afraid you don’t have enough experience or you need to be smart at it.
This is not true, I have helped people that didn’t know anything, like what’s word press or what is a domain, what is keywords , you know things like that.
They built there knowledge up and that built up there self esteem.
That is part of setting up a goal. These people became fearless, not afraid of failing anymore and they have made there first $ online and are very excited about it.

10-Poor training on some online businesses.
You started this online business and lets say you got into part of the training and the rest of it you have to pay for it. you are now mad and  you want out. ready to quit , throw in the towel.
This is where you will need to do your homework, Make sure you read reviews on the business your wanting to get into. I always think if there are 10 good reviews or more then its a legit business.
Stay away from all the negativity be positive and you wont fail at any online business.

                            I’m Ready To Be A Entrepreneur

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